The Beginning

This was very long awaited. I wanted to write/build a blog since the past one year.

Why the delay?

My need to making everything perfect. Perfect ideas, perfect template, the perfect blog name.

And as one of my friends said while building his portfolio:

This site would never be completed and would always be a work in progress just like Life is :)

So this is a WIP and so am I.

And thankful to Harsh Kapadia for the push to just start writing and to ship it. And a billion other things.

Why start now?

My wanting to write has become a need now — to align my line of thoughts and to keep a track of what I think. And that is the sole reason. I am writing for myself. (Also maybe, something to do with the new year resolution :P)

Write what?

Ideas. Thoughts. Feelings. Discoveries. Observations.

Both tech related and non-tech related. About my experiences, about building things, about breaking things, about the human nature, about open-source, about finance, about new technologies, about mental health, about random project ideas, about different perspectives.

Resonating Circles

Undirected Graph

The overload of ideas has pushed me to connect the dots, analogous to my directionless, although somehow connected thoughts forming a data structure - Undirected Graph.

I love solving problems - and the data structure I most resonated while writing was an undirected graph. Of course, the name for the blog didn't just pop up, it was inspired by orderdlist by steve smith.


So here we go — brings me to the end (or The Beginning?). Let's see where this takes me!